Friday, 15. April 2011

goodbye! will be hosted on a different server from now on. transfer in progress...
please update your bookmarks / links to and see you soon!

Thursday, 31. March 2011

mizzi move - fasten your seatbelts and update your bookmarks, please!

good news, everyone!

mizzi will soon move onto another server, finally running on wordpress, including a new look.
from then on, will not be updated any more.

please change your bookmarks and links to:

the move is planned for the beginning of april.

thank you for your attention!

Wednesday, 30. March 2011

yeah zine photo contest results

so, the winners have been picked! here they are:

1st place goes to camilla goddy harambour. her picture can be found of the cover of the current yeah zine issue
Photo Contest : Camila Goddy Harambour

2nd place goes to peta shepherd, she's the centerfold lady of the current issue of yeah zine.
Photo Contest : Peta Shepherd

3rd place goes to angie dobbie, the pic will decorate the last page of the current yeah zine issue.
Photo Contest : Ange Dobbie

lindsay hale's picture has been chosen for the button
Photo Contest : Lindsay Hale

best trick: street:
shanice silva cruz

Photo Contest : Shanice

best trick: park:
zandile mkwanazi

Photo Contest : Zee

top three creative pictures:
bcam - girl line
Photo Contest : Bcam

kayla hall
Photo Contest : Kayla Hall

leah brideson
Photo Contest : Leah

top three runner up's:
marie meuret
Photo Contest : Marie Meuret

cedrine june havent east
Photo Contest : Cedrine June Havent East

martha strieby
Photo Contest : Martha Strieby

congratulations to you, ladies!
and a big thank you to everyone who sent in pictures! it was really hard to choose, because there were so many really nice pictures!
it's really an awesome turnout!

Thursday, 24. March 2011

cheryl maas webisode series "open air"

starting in september 2011, the new webisode series "open air" will show you what's up in the world of pro snowboarder cheryl maas.

here's the teaser, enjoy!

More Snowboarding Videos

bmx plans for 2011

recently, we asked fellow female bmx riders to tell us about their plans for this year.
here's what they had to say:

jessica ausec
jessica ausec

i'm basically lame. i never have plans, i just go with it....... all the tricks i learn are flukes..... so i have no idea what i'm doing.
and i'm getting married which makes plans kind of go out the window til that's all over with...

rebecca berg
rebecca berg

bmx masters

cory coffey
cory coffey

Lets see, I coached 2 BMX events the last two weekends.. one in Cleveland, Ohio and one in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They were through Rays MTB Park.

Next week im going Italy for a week on Holiday, not sure if im bringing my bike yet.

Week after that I will be in Cancun, Mexico.

Later in the summer, I plan on being in Europe for a longer period of time. Perhaps Italy, or maybe even the UK.

Not very concerned about learning tricks these days. I just like to get out on my bike and ride. My knees hurt a lot and prohibit me from riding the way I want to. Still need to have more knee surgeries, just don't really want to do it. Don't really plan on attending any competitions, unless I make it out to the BMX Masters. No plans to compete, probably just hang out. My days of competing are long gone!

Other than that, I'm living in Detroit, Michigan now. Big change from California. There are quite a few parks around here and I plan to help coach beginners that are just starting out through one of the skateparks. Super excited about 2011 and what the Lord has in store.

anita hodgin
anita hodgin

im going to be shredding colorado as usual. and as always if anyone comes out here they have a place to stay, food, and a tour guid with proper notification...or not :) im heading to cali this march but so far thats the only plan. im going to try to learn airing out of quarters and get back into dirt jumping. and im teaching my little girls how to ride too :) should be a fun year for sure :)

annica jonsson
annica jonsson

30/6-13/7 bmx girl roadtrip from sundsvall in Sweden to BMX masters in cologne, so far we're only two but if theres other girls interested they're welcome to contact me =)

South of france visiting Marie Meuret in september for about two weeks, riding and chilling.

And hopefully I will be in Malaga, Spain from October to december, riding my bike and having fun.

Everything is about having fun =)

julia preuss
julia preuss
My plans for 2011 are more riding, more traveling and since they closed the main spot in Berlin I need to find another location to ride outside the ICC.

Tuesday, 22. March 2011

berlin - malmö skatetour 2011

are you interested in taking part in a skatetrip, starting from sweden, ending in germany?
it's all about having fun, skating, enjoying life and maybe collecting a bit of footage.

if you're interested (filmers and fotografers are welcome aswell!), go ahead and fill out this survey:

Thursday, 17. March 2011

bmx edits by janine mutton and allison lopez


Wednesday, 16. March 2011

Disco Car - Aimee Fuller & Basa Stevulova

So much fun watching it!

Disco car from basa stevulova on Vimeo.

Saturday, 19. March 2011

aurélie duculty bmx edit

shawtyonbike team member aurélie duculty has published a new edit recently!


bmx chick flick - blog launched

the official blog for the chick flick that will be released in winter 2011 has been launched.


also, espn has a story about the production of chick flick:


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